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Placement Policy

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Placement Policy

Information for New Students

All incoming first-year (freshman) students entering West Chester University for Fall 2016 must complete the online Mathematics Placement Examination.

All transfer students who have not successfully completed any college level mathematics also must complete the online Mathematics Placement Examination.

Because there are vast differences among mathematics courses taught at different schools, the mathematics placement exam is the most accurate way to determine which skills you have mastered and which may still need to be developed. The placement exam was designed to determine the most appropriate course placement for you. The specific course you take will depend on your major’s requirements.

The math placement exam is online and must be accessed using your West Chester University account. You received information about setting up your account with your admissions acceptance. You will take the math placement exam via the D2L Learning Management System. We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox browser to access the D2L exam site.

The exam should be taken on a computer, NOT a tablet or other mobile device.

Accessing the Mathematics Placement Exam

  1. Please go to instructions on creating your WCU account. If you need assistance, you can contact the IT Help Desk at (610) 436-3350.

After you have created your account,WAIT AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE YOU TAKE THE EXAM.

  1. Log into D2L using your full WCU email address (example: and password. The login is found in the upper right corner of WCU’s homepage.
  2. Once you log in, under My Courses (right hand side of the screen) you will see the link to theMathematics Placement Examination. That will take you to the instructions for taking the exam.

To ensure proper placement during scheduling, please complete the mathematics placement exam by May 22,2017.

If you would like to practice before taking the exam, or if you believe the placement score you received is not an accurate reflection of your ability, we encourage you to contact

Susan Turner

in the Mathematics Department at . She will direct you to an online review program that you can useat no costto guide you through a review of the main algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus topics essential to be adequately prepared to take the 100-level mathematics courses at each placement level. Such proactive review will be beneficial to you prior to taking a mathematics course and will prepare you to retake the placement exam.

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