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Hello and welcome to my homepage. I am going to try to let the links I have set up say as much as possible about me rather than going on at length about myself. I hope to keep adding more links to this page as I discover other pages on the web that reflect back at me the things that interest me.(The "Web" is truly wonderful - Hail "The Web"! )

(This pages is not going to be a masterpiece of organisation, frames, layout etc. It is going to be slightly untidy, sprawl and ramble a bit etc, but it will be how I like it.)

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Guest World had a site crash of some sort back in December 1999 and unfortunately all of my guestbook entries before then were wiped out - many of them before I got around to reading them. If you signed my guestbook before then please sign again.

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My Other Homepage

Mathematics links

Ireland/The Clan Mc Laughlin



"The Weird and Wonderful"

Fantastic Fiction/Mythology

"Fun on the Web"

Extremes in nature



The Sixties!

Fantastic Art

Creating WebPages

Webrings/Link Exchanges

E-mail: jmclaughl@wcupa.edu

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This page is still in the early stages of development. More to follow.

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