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Department of Mathematics
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FAX: 610-738-0578

My Curriculum Vitae: DVI PS PDF

 Geremías Polanco, Nancy Wyshinski and I organized a special session on continued fractions at the 2017 Joint Meetings in Atlanta.
Nancy and I also organized previous special session on continued fractions at the 2015 Joint Meetings in San Antonio, the 2013 Joint Meetings in San Diego, the 2011 Joint Meetings in New Orleans, the 2009 Joint Meetings in Washington, D.C., the 2006 Joint Meetings in San Antonio, and the 2004 Joint Meetings in Phoenix

Click here for a page with pictures from the special session in San Antonio, and abstracts of the talks.
Click here for the schedule of the Phoenix special session.


Research Interests

My present interests are in the area of basic hypergeometric series and related areas, such as integer partitions.

I am currently also working on various problems related to continued fractions.

I have also investigated various convergence problems for q-continued fractions, and I and my thesis adviser, Douglas Bowman, recently partially settled a long-standing open problem on the convergence of the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction on the unit circle.

I am also interested in the problem of finding the regular continued fraction expansion of a number expressed in some other form (for example, as an infinite series or infinite product) and finding numbers with predictable patterns in their regular continued fraction expansions.

Another area of interest is the evaluation of polynomial continued fractions.

I am also interested in various problems in the area of Diophantine equations.

My Research Statement (years out of date, and these days I am more interested in basic hypergeometric series and related areas such as integer partitions, but I am leaving it here since I have nothing more current to replace it with): DVI PS PDF

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Fall 2017 Teaching Schedule

Intro Discrete Math (Lecture)
Intro Discrete Math (Lecture)
Undergraduate Algebra I (Lecture)
Graduate Algebra I (Lecture)

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