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Student Research
Student Research 2

2014 Northeastern Section Conference of GSA

WCU Geology majors presented their research posters at the 2014 Northeastern Section Conference of the Geological Society of America. A total of seven WCU students presented research posters that week - a record for the Geology Department, and one of the larger University groups at the meeting.


Petrology Field Trip
Petrology Class
Petrology Field Trips
Garlic Mustard Pull
Sedimentary Class
Sedimentology & Stratigraphy Field Trips
Structure Field Trip
Structure Field Trip 2
Structural Geology Field Trips

SW Parks Trip
Summer Southwestern Parks Field Trip


Earth Day
Earth Day Fair - 2014
To benefit local land preservation and ecosystem restoration programs.

Garlic Mustard Pull
Annual Garlic Mustard Pull
Students harvesting this non-native plant in the Gordon Natural Area.

Goose Creek Clean Up 2 Goose Creek Clean Up
Annual Clean-Up of Goose Creek in West Chester
Geoscience students participate in the Chester Ridley Crum Watershed
Association's annual clean-up of Goose Creek.


Planting Trees
Tree Planting Along the Brandywine
Students planting trees along the Brandywine Creek to benefit local
land preservation and ecosystem restoration programs.


Land Preservation Project
Native Plant Gardening
Students gardening native plants at Hildacy Preserve, Natural Lands Trust

Polar Plunge
Polar Plunge 2 Polar Plunge 3
Brandywine Polar Plunge 2014
Students took the plunge for this fundraising event to keep the Brandywine and Red Clay Watersheds
clean and healthy, and to support environmental education at the Myrick Center.


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