Howell Bosbyshell, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Office Hours:
Office Phone: 610-436-2805
Office Location: Merion 205
Courses Taught:
Introductory Geology, Field Geology, Geophysics, and Structural Geology

B.S. Chemistry-Geology, West Chester University
Ph.D. Geology, Bryn Mawr College

Dr. Bosbyshell's research is concerned with the tectonic and thermal evolution of mountain belts, with an emphasis on developing a modern tectonic interpretation for the Central Appalachians. By combining detailed mapping with structural and petrographic analysis, he is developing an integrated thermal, baric, and kinematic record of orogenic evolution, building from the thin section through regional scales. An important component of this work is collaborative research to establish the absolute timing of deformation and metamorphism through in situ dating of monazite using the electron microprobe. Dr. Bosbyshell teaches Introduction to Geology, Structural Geology, Field Geology, and Geophysics.