Scholarships & Awards

You first have to complete a scholarship application form, and then search the following scholarships for application.  The deadline for applications is April 28, 2023.

Repair the World Scholarship

    • The Repair the World Scholarship is awarded to four WCU Computer Science majors in each academic year who are juniors or seniors and have high GPAs.
    • Those who compete for this scholarship must write a statement indicating how they intend to apply the knowledge they have gained in Computer Science to repairing the world, that is, making the world a better place.

Past Recipients

    • Fall 2022: Nathan Loebertman, James Kassekert
    • Spring 2022: Matthew Baldridge, Tyler Prehl
    • Fall 2021: Joseph Cutrone, Ben Davidheiser
    • Spring 2021: Sean Roberts, Brandon Barker
    • Fall 2020: Sean Flanagan, Biying Chen
    • Spring 2020: Brandon Barker, Amondo Clayton
    • Fall 2019: Alexandra Garibaldi, Diego Jorge 

Eddie '85 and Joli '79 Williams Pry Scholarship

    • The recipient shall be a first year student majoring in computer science with demonstrated financial need. First preference should be given to a student who participated in their high school’s marching band.
    • Use the WCU General Scholarship Application to apply for this scholarship.

Phillip Fuchs Grant

    • Student applicants must be passionate about technology and learning, enjoy self-teaching, be open-minded regarding new technologies, and can cite several personal projects completed or in progress that are related to Computer Science. In addition, the student should:
      • be a rising sophomore or junior (30-60 credits completed by the spring of the award year)
      • be in good standing at the University (no judicial record)
      • have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 above
    • Special consideration will be given to students who are able to articulate their ability to succeed academically while overcoming obstacles such as minority status (race, gender, sexual orientation, family circumstances, disability, non-traditional student, etc.)

Past Recipients

    • Fall 2022: Emily Miller

Dr. Charles A. Garber Scholarship

    • Dr. Charles A. Garber Scholarship is awarded to a computer science major with a high GPA and who is also in need of financial assistance.
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