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Career Paths of Post-Grad F&TC Majors

F&TC majors post-gradaute job placement from 2010-2018; Analytical/Pharmaceutical chemistry - 40%, Non-Scientific Career - 12%, Forensic Science/Toxicology - 33%, Graduate school - 15%

Student Outcome and Assessment

60 students graduated from the F&TC program over the period of May 2010- May 2018. The chart shows the post-graduation career paths of our graduates within the first 5 years of graduating from the program. The graduate school category includes students who are currently pursuing Masters or Doctoral degrees. In general, students upon completion of the F&TC degree eventually move into scientific careers within two major categories. Our graduates are employed as chemists in forensic science and non-forensic science related laboratories. The forensic science related positions include Federal and State forensic science or toxicology laboratories. The non-forensic science category includes federal laboratories such as the EPA and FDA, toxicology positions in clinical laboratories, quality control laboratories, and the pharmaceutical industry.