The College of the Sciences and Mathematics Advisory Board plays an essential role in strengthening and building the resources and development of the College. Through strategic consultations with the Dean, the Board advises, supports, and promotes the College's programs, activities, and initiatives.
The Board is comprised of University alumni, local and national professionals, and business and civic leaders, whose perspectives as professionals in the industries of the sciences and mathematics serve to contribute to the College's overall mission.


Advisor Advisor
Roland Annan, Ph.D. '83
Global Head, Discovery Analytical
John Kerrigan, D.Ed. '63
Retired Professor Emeritus Department of Mathematics
West Chester University
Phaedra Brown '99
CEO & Director
Hope Institute of Science
Julia Lee-Soety, Ph.D. '94
Associate Professor of Biology
St. Joseph’s University
Ben Cox
President & CEO
Continental Disc and Groth Corporation
David Nadig, Ph.D. '81
Retired Vice President & Site Head
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Tripp Fischer '96
Vice President & Principal Hydrogeologist
Brownfield Science & Technology
James M. Rubillo, D.Sc. '63
Retired Executive Director
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Joan Kaminski, Ph.D. '69
Retired Executive
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi, Ph.D. '74
Associate Professor Emerita of Anthropology
Truman State University
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