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Student Marshals


Graduation Rehearsal at Hollinger Gym will be at a date to be determined. It will be helpful if you can attend.

Hollinger Field House Ceremonies

NOTE: Please pay particular attention to direction #6, in bold print below.

  1. Assemble in Ehinger Gymnasium at least two hours before the start of the ceremony (8:00 a.m. for the morning ceremony and 11:30 a.m. for the afternoon ceremony). Bring your cap, gown, and hood. Refreshments will be available at the north end of the gymnasium.
    • NOTE: It is often warm in Hollinger, so dress lightly.
  2. Go to the tables where Registrar staff will be handing out name cards at the tables. Please assist in getting students robed. Also, please inform students:
    1. Not to lose the cards! Keep the cards with them and give them to the first person they meet as they step onto the stage to receive their diploma covers and shake the Dean's/Associate Dean's hand.
    2. Not to add anything to the cards. No hand-written additions or changes will be read. However, if they think their name might be difficult to pronounce, write a phonetic spelling in parenthesis after their name. Keep it as simple as possible.
    3. To put on their caps, gowns, and hoods. Place the tassel on the right side of their caps. (They will move it to the left side during the tasseling ceremony).
  3. Line up the students from your College behind the faculty in two columns. Students who wish to sit together should line up one behind the other. Marshals should be in front and in back of the students.
    • The order of the Colleges for each ceremony are as follows:
      • Morning: College of Visual & Performing Arts followed by the College of Arts & Sciences
      • Afternoon: College of Business & Public Affairs, College of Education, College Health Sciences
  4. About 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, John Rhein or his designee will start the procession out of Ehinger. Follow the faculty down the first set of stairs into the tunnel at the back of Hollinger. Cross the tunnel along the south side and go to the top of the center aisle, behind the faculty.
  5. When the music starts, lead your students behind the faculty down the center aisle. Seat the students on both sides of the aisle. Each College marshal should start a new first row for their students to ensure that they are easily able to proceed to the stage when it is the turn of their College's graduates to cross the stage to receive diploma covers. The lead marshal for each College should save the seat at the far end of their first row for themselves and the other marshal should be seated at the end of the student seats for their College. Remain standing until the Dean asks everyone to be seated.
  6. Awarding of Degrees:
    1. The Dean will ask the degree candidates to rise and the President will confer the degrees upon the entire group.
    2. The Dean of the College Announces:
      • "Dr. __________, I have the honor to present these recipients of the Bachelor degrees in the College/School of (_________). Marshals, please escort the candidates forward to receive the symbolic presentation of their degrees."
      • When this is announced, The Marshal seated at the far end of the row should proceed to the first row of students and ask that only one row of students at a time stand and start walking up to the stage. Direct the students to go up on the stage, cross it, shake hands with the President/Provost, Dean/Associate Dean, and Trustees to receive their diploma cover. The students will leave the stage by the center aisle and the Marshal seated on the aisle will direct them back to their seats via the center aisle.
      • Once all students have left a row, please ask the next row to stand and follow. When students return to their seats, have them be seated. Do NOT have them remain standing. The intention is to limit how many students are standing so the audience can see the stage. When all the students are standing, the guests sitting behind them cannot see the stage or students walking across it.
  7. When all students have returned to their seats, you may return to your seat.
  8. Following the singing of the Alma Mater, the Stage Party will exit the Field House via the center aisle followed by the faculty. The students generally disperse without procession to join family and friends.
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