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Faculty Marshals


Graduation Rehearsal at Hollinger Gym will be deteremined at a later date. It will be helpful if you can attend.

Hollinger Field House Ceremonies

  1. Assemble in Ehinger Gymnasium at least two hours before the start of the ceremony (8:00 a.m. for the morning ceremony and 11:30 a.m. for the afternoon ceremony). Bring your cap, gown, and hood. Refreshments will be available at the north end of the gymnasium.
    • NOTE: It is often warm in Hollinger, so dress lightly.
  2. Go to the tables set aside for faculty. They will be near the entrance to Ehinger.
  3. Line up the faculty in two columns. It doesn't matter what order the faculty line up, but faculty who wish to sit together should line up one behind the other.
  4. At about fifteen minutes prior to the start of each ceremony, John Rhein or his designee will signal the procession to leave Ehinger. You are to lead the faculty down the first set of stairs into the tunnel at the back of Hollinger. Cross the tunnel along the south side and stop once you reach the bleachers. The students will follow after the faculty.
  5. When the music starts the Faculty Marshals and faculty will begin to process down the center aisle to seats in the second row. The first row is reserved for guests. The faculty columns will split up and sit on both sides of the gymnasium with one Marshal directing each column to its seats. Ask the faculty to remain standing until the Dean asks everyone to be seated. The Marshals should be seated at the end of the row on the aisle.
  6. When degrees are awarded, please help with directing the students to and from their seats.
  7. When the ceremony concludes, allow the stage party to pass and then follow them out of the Field House and toward the Ehinger Gymnasium. The students generally disperse without procession to join family and friends.
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