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President’s University Update

September 12, 2019

Notable Quotes from President Chris Fiorentino:

Over the years, West Chester University has grown into a simply outstanding academic institution with a tremendously talented faculty and an astoundingly adept staff.  As I watch the work you’re all doing each day, I am continually amazed at how much your efforts have moved, and continue to move our University forward.

Recently, Money Magazine, using a rigorous ranking system that considers the quality of an education, the affordability of an education, and the outcomes of an education, rated West Chester as the top public university in Pennsylvania, a ranking that puts us ahead of Penn State, ahead of Temple, ahead of Pitt, and ahead of all of our sister institutions in the State System. 

We can see how far West Chester has come in the launching of our new biomedical engineering program, which is a field of study that impacts us all. If you or someone you know wears an insulin pump or simply ever had a blood pressure reading conducted, then you can thank biomedical engineers for helping to create and continually improve these medical technologies.

To support all of our recent growth, we’ll be opening the Sciences and Engineering Center and the Commons in fall 2020. At 175,000 square feet, this facility will become our largest academic space on campus, a title now held by the recently opened Business and Public Management Center.


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