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Welcome Back to WCU!

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Office of the President

Philips Memorial Building
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-2471

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Welcome Back to WCU! 2017

Newsworthy & Notable Quotes from Welcome Back to WCU!

 I have often described West Chester University as a vibrant microcosm of society. This means that we actively and publically promote a University culture that welcomes all differences. Our greatest strength lies in our diversity.

There is no room for division forged by hatred. We bring a range of perspectives to the table and share a critical commonality; all of us are here to advance student success.
WCU President Chris Fiorentino

This is my third week here at West Chester; I flew in from Dublin on August 23. Everyone has been so welcome and helpful. I feel like I can stop and ask anyone for assistance and they will offer it. I’m 24 and a grad student so The Villages is a nice set up. It’s been a brilliant start!
Edmond Gubbins, graduate exchange student studying at WCU due to partnership with Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland

How can we prepare students to be personally and professionally successful when the sheer rate of change makes it virtually impossible to know what they will be doing 10 or 20 years from now? Maybe even five years from now?

The answer is what is at the heart of learning at WCU, a commitment to the toolkit, to learning in co-curricular experiences, and to the liberal arts tradition.  These skills are all transferable, they make our students adaptable, and they apply to careers that our students seek not only today, but the ones we don’t even know about yet, because they are essential to creating resilient life-long learners. 
WCU Executive Vice President & Provost Laurie Bernotsky

What I learned in the classroom was easily transferrable, but navigating corporate culture [at my internship] was initially challenging. That first summer, I called Professor Oehlers all the time to talk through what was happening on the job.
Josh Dandridge, an accounting major with a minor in white collar crime

If we can provide our students with knowledge in the classroom, and opportunities for application in simulated or real environments through co-curricular activities, we have the ability to graduate students who will be prepared to tackle increasingly complex situations they are faced with at work, or problems that are impacting the promotion of the common good.
Vice President of Student Affairs Zebulun Davenport

WCU is planning to adopt and implement a co-curricular transcript. The co-curricular transcript will bring legitimacy and value to our students’ co-curricular activities. The co-curricular transcript underscores the fact that we are a community of educators at West Chester University where learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom.
Senior Vice Provost Jeff Osgood

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