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2017 State System Summit

West Chester University

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2017 State System Summit

13-15 University Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382

Hiram G. Martinez
2017 Summit Chairperson
Phone: 610-436-2433

Student Poster Forum - West Chester University

Putting a Face on Policy: An Immigration Event by Ms. Christina Smith, Business Management, International Business, and Political Science Major at West Chester University
For my political science capstone project, I wanted to bring awareness to the issue of immigration. This led me to create an interactive experience entitled “Putting a Face on Policy: An Immigration Event.” The purpose of the simulation was to introduce participants to the immigration policies and vetting processes of the United States from a guided immigrant point of view.

Behind the Veil of Reproductive Justice: Uncovering Capitalism, Involuntary Consent and Population Control by Ms. Odette Kolenky, Women & Gender Studies major and psychology minor at West Chester University
The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, we analyze the misuse of black and brown bodies and other marginalized groups to advance medicine, white supremacy and profit through the use of involuntary participation and forced sterilization without thinking about marginalized bodies and their rights. We look at the lack of accountability on governing nations that establish family planning institutions with the objective of providing adequate healthcare services to citizens. In reality, the services provided by these nations are actually in the name of capitalism and population control. We examine the troubling history of the birth control and eugenics movement and how women’s voices, agency, and health were neglected. Second, we make clear connections between this history and the rhetoric and motivations for current reproductive policies and family planning programs in the Global South that are supported by the United States and/or the United Nations and how these policies and programs impact individuals in these regions.

Similarities and Differences of Classroom and Clinical Experiences between West Chester University and Universidad Santa Paula by Michelle Forrester, and Amelia Lynch. Contributing authors include: Laura Brodowski, Kathryn Coleman, Elizabeth Fedak, Rebecca Fisher, Jared Washington, Manasseh Washington, and Dr. Patricia Swasey Washington
As global citizens, university students must learn to work in culturally and linguistically diverse situations. It is important to appreciate differences and not default to viewing diversity as negative. Several West Chester University (WCU) graduate and undergraduate students collaborated with students from Universidad Santa Paula, Costa Rica for clinical and classroom activities in speech-language pathology. The students learned substantially from one another and demonstrated appreciation of one another’s perspectives. WCU students will delineate similarities and differences of clinical and classroom aspects between the two universities and discuss how they benefited from the collaboration.

5,982 Dreamers: The Academic Repercussions of Ending DACA in Pennsylvania by Mr. David Reyes-Farias, Graduate Assistant at West Chester University
The previous exclusionary policies put forth by the current President of the United States focused on halting what is external from arriving to the United States. Currently, the proposed elimination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) intends to amplify these policies. Rather than excluding those who reside externally, the elimination of DACA seeks to exclude those who currently reside in the United States. Pennsylvania, with close to 6,000 persons residing legally through this program, will suffer economically, but more importantly the already fragile push for diversity will be shattered. Efforts must be made to support and protect DACA.

Cognitive Development and Theories, the Contrast between Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers by Mr. Ramón Antonio Vargas Franjul, Graduate Student - Master of Arts Language and Culture in Spanish with K-12 Certification at West Chester University
The purpose of my research/poster is to show the importance of bilingualism in the cognitive development of people. The poster will expose some cognitive development theories within monolinguals and bilinguals, and will contrast them. Finally, it will present some conclusions about the cognitive consequences it entails being a monolingual or a bilingual/multilingual speaker.

Intersecting of Second Language Learners: Spanish to English & English to Spanish by Ms. Kathleen Langschultz, Graduate Student at West Chester University
The benefits of utilizing Spanish language communication skills outside of the classroom setting through a public school ESL program will be discussed. The five National Standards for Foreign Language Training, including Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities will be outlined and highlighted in their relation to strengthening a university student's understanding of language and culture outside of the university classroom. Furthermore, the impact of intersecting the Hispanic Community and Second Language Learners of Spanish will be reviewed through the scope of communication, connections, and communities.

Ms. Lorae Bonamy, Graduate Student in the Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs at West Chester University
Research shows that minoritized students at predominantly white institutions experience stress, anger, low-confidence, burnout, detachment and mental illness at alarmingly higher rates than their White peers due to microaggressions, onlyness, negative stereotyping and a constant pressure to prove themselves (Harper, 2013). Minoritized students are expected to be spokespersons for their race and do the emotional labor of dismantling systems of oppression while being crushed under those same systems. The purpose of our research was to determine which theoretical orientation is most beneficial in a therapeutic relationship with students of color on a college campus.

Family Promise of Southern Chester County by Mrs. Rosa Quintana, Doctoral candidate in Public Administration at West Chester University
The purpose of the poster presentation is to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness. Even in a county as wealthy as Chester County, homelessness exits. The poster specifically highlights the effects of homelessness on school aged children. It also identifies the number of children identified as homeless in Southern Chester County. Lastly, it provides a resource to families experiencing homelessness. I have been studying the wicked issue of homelessness throughout my doctoral program. I am able to answer questions and/or provide direction to answer questions.