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2017 State System Summit

Millersville University

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2017 State System Summit

13-15 University Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382

Hiram G. Martinez
2017 Summit Chairperson
Phone: 610-436-2433

Student Poster Forum - Millersville University

Developing Identities: An Auto-Ethnography of Student Teaching by Christy Mueller, Senior majoring in Early Childhood Education at Millersville University, and Jenna Ioannidis, Senior majoring in Early Childhood Education at Millersville University
Over the last two decades, teacher identity development has seen an increase in interest in educational scholarship. For example Olsen (2008) asserted that "teacher identity is a useful frame to study development in teaching and teacher education" (p. 1). Likewise Alsup (2006) explored "teacher identity discourses" in relation to both their personal and private lives. Moreover, some researchers explored the topic of gender and teaching and gender (Danielewicz, 2014; Dillabough, 1999). However, additional work is needed in teacher identity development in relation to gender, intersectional identity, and post feminist theory (Butler, 1988; Jones 1997; Mills, 1998). Although post feminist has its roots in the 1990’s it is still relevant to discussions of teaching, teaching identity and pre-service teaching. This poster presentation will include a description of an auto-ethnography conducted by two pre-service teachers conducted during their student teaching experience. This study focuses on their teacher identity development in relation to gender, intersectionality, and postfeminist theory.

Decolonizing Higher Education by Exploring the Lived Experiences of Intersectionally Diverse Women by Zainab Gilani and Markisha Peace at Millersville University
The purpose of this session is to present an example of a cross-cultural research collaboration that is aimed at inclusive and equitable action. We seek to share an example of what Swadener and Mutua (2017) describe as "healing collaborations" and "rethinking insider/outsider views" (p. 3). Therefore, the presenters focus on historical and cultural perspectives on issues pertinent to women in public higher education environments by sharing the lived experiences of women who have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The presenters and participants represent a variety of identity factors (race, social class, geographic backgrounds, language, age, etc.).

"Double Jeopardy": Racing Language and Disability by Megan Dougherty, Senior Early Childhood Special Education major at Millersville University
Drawing on the theory of contact zone, (Pratt, 1987) we present preservice teachers’ perceptions of the complexities that come with teaching and learning about intersectionality issues of race, language and disability from reflections and class discussions. We also attempt to provide some recommendations to navigate difficult topics in the classroom as it pertains to developing culturally responsive teachers.