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2017 State System Summit

East Stroudsburg University

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2017 State System Summit

13-15 University Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382

Hiram G. Martinez
2017 Summit Chairperson
Phone: 610-436-2433

Student Poster Forum - East Stroudsburg University

Global Week: Bridging Beyond the Margins of Diversity by Students at East Stroudsburg University, Eli Downie, Wenxiao (Alvin) Shang, and Zakkery Rome
At East Stroudsburg University we made an intentional effort to move beyond the margins of what is traditionally defined as diversity by exploring the full array of colors of the human experience. We achieved intersectionality by bringing in over 50 organizations to create 22 unique programs during seven days of activity with initiatives that cover areas of race, LGBTQ rights, gender equality, service and activism, politics, faith, ability, arts, recreation, international traditions, and other social justice issues of our day in what has become our institution's largest campus-wide initiative.

East Stroudsburg University Study Abroad to Cuba Experience by Taina Moore, Thomas Stocker, and Melissa Vicenty
Taína Moore, Thomas Stocker and Melissa Vicenty are undergraduate students at East Stroudsburg University. In May of 2017 they traveled to Cuba as the culmination of a semester-long independent study. Taína Moore undertook a course with Dr. Susana Maiztegui (Department of Modern Languages) titled Primary Healthcare in Cuba, which focused on Cuba's system of public funding, treatment of infectious diseases, and medical sociology. Thomas Stocker and Melissa Vicenty undertook a course with Dr. Annie Mendoza (Department of Modern Languages) titled Cuban Literature and Culture, which focused on social, political, and historical changes in Cuba from the colonial era to the present, and how these changes have been represented through different literary and artistic mediums. The East Stroudsburg University trip to Cuba was historic in that it was the first time an institution in Northeastern Pennsylvania undertook a formal study/travel abroad trip in a group to this neighboring island nation. Thirteen people took part in the ESU to Cuba endeavor, including 6 undergraduate students, 5 faculty members, and 2 community members.

The Inclusion Project: Innovative Approaches to Spaces on Campus by Kevin Wimmer, Alyssa Gonzalez, and Isis Hodge, Undergraduate Students at East Stroudsburg University
This joint effort (philosophy and art) is aimed to help students transform campuses spaces. After studying the history of poster making and poster design, these individuals worked collaboratively to address complex issues of identity. Some spaces on ESU's campus are, for instance, dominated by males (ex. the basketball courts). These posters are designed to make such campus spaces more inclusive.

The Diversity Dialogue Project (DDP) by Ebonee E Mears, Undergraduate Student at East Stroudsburg University
The DPP is a student-run program designed to foster conversations around difficult topics including race, gender, ethnicity and other forms of difference. The purpose of this poster presentation is to show how the DDP stimulates dialogue about important social issues. The two presenters are undergraduate “Facilitators” who run small workshops each week, with between five and fifteen students. These facilitators are trained in Socratic method. The conversations are personal and intersectional, encouraging participants to reflect on their complex identities. The mission of the DDP is fundamentally intersectional. Facilitators are trained to introduce conversations about race, gender, class, ethnicity, religion and other related topics. By emphasizing personal expressions over abstract theory, the Project allows students to relate to and discuss their own complex identities, for instance, as athletes, students, employees, and so on.