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2017 State System Summit

Cheyney University

Contact 2017 State System Summit  

2017 State System Summit

13-15 University Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382

Hiram G. Martinez
2017 Summit Chairperson
Phone: 610-436-2433

Student Poster Forum - Cheyney University

A Culture of Rice and Beans by Veronica Lynn Becerra at Cheyney University
I will create a poster containing information that I have gathered during the PASSHE 2017 study abroad program from my trip to Belize. This project will describe Belize's unique history, diverse cultural ethnicities, and modern day challenges that this young developing country faces on a daily basis. This presentation will provide viewers with a new perspective of a different life style outside of the United States. With my knowledge from this study abroad program, I will be able to share my personal experiences with others while opening their mind to new cultures, lifestyles, and giving them a global perspective of what it is like to travel outside of the country as an undergraduate student.

Orienting First Generation Students to an HBCU by Naries Whiteside Legree, Undergraduate Psychology major at Cheyney University
Retention of first-generation students is difficult at all universities, yet more so at historically Black colleges and institutions (HBCUs), where resources for programming can be limited. Preparedness, confidence and social support are central concerns. "Discovery Week" was devised to instill confidence in students and offer needed social support from peers, professors, and staff, through a program designed with economy in mind. This research details the experience of a four-day college orientation from the point of view of the students involved, i.e., interviews of incoming freshmen and their upperclass peer mentors, on how Discovery Week affected their perceptions of college.

Negotiating and Navigating Tribal Intersectionality to Preserve Native Music by Cheyney University student, Fred Goode
The Eastern Delaware Nation of Native Americans (EDN) brings together tribes from the greater Delaware region. These tribes, individually, are dwindling in numbers and face extinction. With threats of losing their culture, the EDN unites tribes to create a means to preserve Native American culture and heritage. My research, as a music major, focused on how the EDN might preserve their cultures music. Consequently, membership is met with controversy from other Native American tribes whose clans are not faced with extinction.