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2017 State System Summit

California University

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2017 State System Summit

13-15 University Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382

Hiram G. Martinez
2017 Summit Chairperson
Phone: 610-436-2433

Student Poster Forum - California University

Shootings of Unarmed African Americans by Mrs. Senneca Davis, Undergraduate Social Work Major at California University
This research project focuses on how understanding the shootings of unarmed African Americans by police officers may be happening as well as creating possible resolutions or possible further directions for research and change. Intersectionality is one way in which individuals can understand why unarmed African Americans are being shot by police at higher rates than any other races. These findings suggests that the oppression of African Americans is still so relevant in American society partially due to the ingrained nature in which race is "learned". Applying several theories relevant to the social work profession allows for an in depth knowledge of the problem as well as possible ways in which to correct or eliminate this form of injustice, oppression, and discrimination.

Shifting perspectives: From Perceived Inequality to an Interdependent Model by Ms. Sarah Paolino, graduate student in the Masters of Social Work program at the California University
Does focusing on inequality in social work lead to genuine social change? In order to cultivate real social change in society social workers should focus not on the perceived inequality between self and other, but social workers should cultivate a sense of shared humanity. The social work profession is focused on recognizing instances of social injustice and addressing them in a way that benefits human kind. In order to create meaningful and sustainable change within society, social work should shift its focus from fixating on instances of inequality to recognizing the benefit of cultivating subjective well-being and recognizing fundamental connectivity.