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2017 State System Summit

Session 5

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2017 State System Summit

13-15 University Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382

Hiram G. Martinez
2017 Summit Chairperson
Phone: 610-436-2433

Intersectionality: Tool for Transition to College

  • 2:00 PM – 2:55 PM
  • SYKES ROOM 255

Discusses intersectionality as a tool of transition to college by analyzing personal narratives. Students describe their individual narratives of their transition to college over a summer bridge program and the beginning of a fall semester. These students apply intersectionality to their experiences to reflect on the multiple identities they must navigate to develop a strong sense of self as a student.


Tatiana Baker, WCU Student Volunteer


Dr. Caleb Corkery, Associate Professor of English at Millersville University
Dr. Corkery teaches in the English Department at Millersville University. His area of specialty is the intersection of rhetoric and race. He also has taught reading, writing, and critical inquiry in the Millersville Scholars Program for the past 5 years.

Parrish Foster, Freshman majoring in Business at Millersville University

Jocelyn Santiago, Freshman majoring in Biology at Millersville University

Joseph Mansaray, Undeclared Freshman Student at Millersville University

William Brown, Freshman majoring in Allied Health Technology at Millersville University

Jovan Cosby, Freshman majoring in Communications at Millersville University