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2017 State System Summit

Session 42

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2017 State System Summit

13-15 University Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382

Hiram G. Martinez
2017 Summit Chairperson
Phone: 610-436-2433

For Women of Color in Academia when Raced and Gendered Micro-aggressions Are Too Much: Developing a Practice of Self-care

  • 10:00 AM – 10:55 AM
  • SYKES ROOM 254

In this paper, I employ auto-ethnographic methods to recollect, examine and counter-narrate as a Black woman faculty member at Predominately White Institutions. Like other Black women, raced and gendered hostilities are deeply embedded in my narrative of growing up, schooling and working in the United States (Collins, 2000). While episodes of silencing, erasure and disdain in the workplace have presented personal and professional challenges, marginality has also afforded opportunities for questioning, reflecting and storytelling. I draw from critical race feminism (CRF) to examine my emerging consciousness. CRF: 1) maintains that the experiences of women of color are unique from those of men of color and White women, 2) focuses on the relationship between the intersectional identities of women of color and experiences with heteropatriarchy and racism, 3) challenges monolithic conceptions of women of color; and 4) supports the use of theories and practices that counter gender and racial oppression (Berry, 2005; Esposito & Evans-Winter 2010). Employing CRF afforded me the space to situate my experiences within the larger context of struggle for rights, respect and recognition among Black women scholars. Furthermore, I developed strategies for counter-acting raced and gendered micro-aggressions, as well as practices for self-care that have implications for scholarship on the well-being of Black women in academia.


Christina Joy Thomas, WCU Student Volunteer


Dr. Amber Jean-Marie Pabon, Assistant Professor at Kutztown University
Dr. Amber Jean-Marie Pabon is a qualitative researcher of two strands of scholarship: the life histories of teachers and social justice ontologies and practices in education. Dr. Pabon began her career teaching secondary English Language Arts in Brooklyn and earned her doctorate in urban education from the City University New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. After a position as an assistant professor of Language, Literacy and Culture in the School of Education with affiliations in Gender, Sexuality and Women's studies and the Center for Urban Education, Dr. Pabon began her role as assistant professor of Secondary Education at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She has published in The Multidisciplinary Journal of Education Research, The Journal of Negro Education, Equity, Excellence and Education, and Urban Education. Dr. Pabon has also presented her research at several major conferences including the International Conference on Urban Education, the National Council on Black Studies, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the American Educational Research Association.