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#WCUPresidentialShadow: A Day in the Life of Jerry Daudert, Project Work Force Foreman

President Fiorentino Custodial
  • February 2018 Edition

During his 20-plus years as an active member of the Carpenters' Union, Jerry Daudert never knew what each week would bring. He might head out on a general construction job on Monday and Tuesday, then do interior trim projects the rest of the week. He worked on day-long tasks and also tackled year-long assignments, such as framing out office space in Philadelphia's Comcast Center. Read the full February post »

#WCUPresidentialShadow: A Day in the Life of Carlos Esteva, WCU Custodian

President Fiorentino Custodial
  • December 2017 Edition

Last year, when a student was discouraged and ready to drop out of WCU, a University employee convinced him to work on making new friends and feeling connected. Months later, when the student and his mom came to thank the employee, the young man started the conversation by saying, "Mom, this is the individual who literally saved my life." Read the full December post »

#WCUPresidentialShadow: A Day in the Life of WCU's Marching Band Director

President Fiorentino conducting
  • October 2017 Edition

If Andrew Yozviak wasn’t WCU’s marching band director, he’d probably make a great air traffic controller. As I watched him in action at a recent rehearsal at Matlack Fields, I was reminded of an old movie about air traffic controllers called Pushing Tin. Much like an air traffic controller, Yozviak needs to stay cool under pressure and make split-second decisions in ever-changing conditions. But in Yozviak’s case, it’s not DC-9s and 737s, but brass, woodwinds and percussion that he’s pushing to land their notes just right. Read the full October post »

#WCUPresidentialShadow: A Day in the Life of an Admissions Counselor

President Fiorentino speaking to high school students touring WCU
  • June 2017 Edition

WCU currently has 1,432 permanent employees – 645 faculty members and 787 staff. Some of these jobs -- like assistant professor of economics and college dean – I know a lot about because I have held these roles at the University. But we also have electricians, accountants, librarians, psychologists and counselors, architectural designers, a director of intramural and club sports, even a fulltime piano technician for our collection of 118 Steinway pianos. Read the full June post »

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