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#WCUPresidentialShadow: A Day in the Life of WCU's Marching Band Director

President Fiorentino conducting
  • October 2017 Edition

If Andrew Yozviak wasn’t WCU’s marching band director, he’d probably make a great air traffic controller. As I watched him in action at a recent rehearsal at Matlack Fields, I was reminded of an old movie about air traffic controllers called Pushing Tin. Much like an air traffic controller, Yozviak needs to stay cool under pressure and make split-second decisions in ever-changing conditions. But in Yozviak’s case, it’s not DC-9s and 737s, but brass, woodwinds and percussion that he’s pushing to land their notes just right. Read the full October post »

#WCUPresidentialShadow: A Day in the Life of an Admissions Counselor

President Fiorentino speaking to high school students touring WCU
  • June 2017 Edition

WCU currently has 1,432 permanent employees – 645 faculty members and 787 staff. Some of these jobs -- like assistant professor of economics and college dean – I know a lot about because I have held these roles at the University. But we also have electricians, accountants, librarians, psychologists and counselors, architectural designers, a director of intramural and club sports, even a fulltime piano technician for our collection of 118 Steinway pianos. Read the full June post »

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