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Music Education

Mission and Outcomes

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Music Education

Swope Music Building
817 S. High Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2739
Fax: 610-436-2873

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The mission of the Music Education Department is to prepare our students for careers as musician-educators to serve as music instructors at all grade levels in the public and private schools. To this end, the Department will provide instruction in: the ability to teach music at various levels to different age groups and a variety of classroom settings; knowledge of current methods, materials, and repertories available in various fields and levels of music education; the ability to assess aptitudes, experiential background, orientations of individuals and groups of students, and the nature of subject matter, and to plan and assess educational programs; an understanding of child growth and development and an understanding of principles of learning as they apply to music; an understanding of evaluative techniques and an ability to apply them in assessing both the musical progress of students and the objectives and procedures of the curriculum.


  • Content and Pedagogical Specialist: Knows learners, subject matter, and curriculum.
  • Assessment and Instructional Designer: Constructs effective learning experiences/outcomes assessments.
  • Classroom Community Builder and Diversity Advocate: Values diversity and community in the classroom through practice.
  • School and Community Professional: Applies knowledge of the context of education and engages in collaborative activities, partnerships, service, and advocacy.
  • Self-Directed Practitioner: Directs personal growth, professional practice, and reflective practice.
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