Multicultural Faculty Commission

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Lei Zhu, Ph.D.
304 Anderson Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-430-5671

2008 Recipients

The Multicultural Faculty Commission (MFC) Grant Committee proudly announces the recipients of the highly competitive and peer-reviewed 2008 MFC Faculty Professional Grants. We had an overwhelming response to our Request for Proposals (RFPs). Although all proposals submitted were of high quality, the following requests are being honored:

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Afrand Agah, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, “IEEE Global Communications Conference,” $1920.

Dr. Mehran Asadi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, “Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Data Communications Annual Conference”, $2000.

Dr. Chris Kwame Awuyah, Associate Professor of English and Co-Chair of the Frederick Douglass Institute, “Educational Visit to the Frederick Douglass National Historical Site,” $1480.

Dr. Jerry M. Williams, Professor of Foreign Languages, “The Peruvian Inquisition on Trial: The Vindication of Ana de Castro,” $2000.

Dr. Karyn Usher, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, “Enhancing Professional Skills by Attending Monthly Technical Meeting and Advanced Courses in Separation Science,” $1986.

College of Education
Dr. Wei Wei Cai, Professor of Elementary Education, “A Comparative Study on Teacher Education Curricula Development between United States and China,” $2000.

Dr. Sunita Mayor, Associate Professor of Literacy, “Preparing Culturally Responsive Teachers Using Latino Children’s Literature,” $2000.

Assistant Professor Katherine E.L. Norris, Early Childhood and Special Education, “Using Multi-Media, Rich Literature, Field Excursions…[to]Diversity Education,” $2000.

Dr. Naijian Zhang, Associate Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology, “Psychosocial Development and Gender Role Egalitarian Attitudes Among American and Chinese College Students,” $2000.

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Dr. Virginia M daCosta, Associate Professor of Art, “Traditional Crafts of Egyptian and Bedouin Women,” $2000.

In addition to funding, each recipient will receive a certificate and will be honored at the 5th Annual Multicultural Faculty Retreat being held on Friday, March 28, 2008 at the Mendenhall Inn (Mendenhall, PA), 7:30 AM -1:30 PM.

The MFC Grant Selection Committee thanks the deans and department chairs for supporting the submitted proposals.

Also, the committee says “Thank You” to President Madeleine Wing Adler, Provost Linda Lamwers,  Dr. Timothy Brown, Dr. Anita Forman, Assistant Professor Awilda Reyes, Dr. tonya thames taylor, Dr. Michael Aweyoh, Ms. Jeanne King, and Ms. Catherine Spaur for their continued support of the activities of the Multicultural Faculty Commission (MFC).