West Chester University and local Hotels & Motels, etc.

Be sure to check with your hotel or motel to see if they have any recommendations or special arrangements.

West Chester Area Taxi Services
Rainbow Cab
539 South Belmar Street
West Chester, PA 19382
(610) 696-6060

Public Transportation in the Area
Use the Trip Planner on the SEPTA web pages ,, to find information on travel by public transportation to downtown Philadelphia, the King of Prussia Mall, and other locations in the area.

  • At least one transfer is needed to take public transportation to downtown Philadelphia.
  • There are no trains from West Chester to Philadelphia or the King of Prussia Mall.

Amtrack and SEPTA Regional Rail

  • Amtrack travels on SEPTA Regional Rail lines and stops at some stations on the “Main Line” (including, for example, Thorndale, Exton, Paoli, Bryn Mawr, etc.)

There are no trains to West Chester and one must take a bus between the Regional Rail stations and West Chester.