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Center for International Programs
West Chester University
320 Mitchell Hall
675 S. Church Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3515
Fax: 610-436-3426

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

International Student Advising:
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Limited availability for walk-ins.

Study Abroad Advising:
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Scholarships & Awards

There are many resources available for funding your study abroad program. Contact 

Ms. Kristy Slusser

to meet and discuss financial aid questions.


Center for International Programs Awards

CIP Study Abroad Travel Awards Application

West Chester University’s Center for International Programs (CIP) is proud to offer students the opportunity to apply for the Study Abroad Travel Awards each year. Awards ranging in the amount of $200.00-$2,000.00 will be given to selected students participating in approved study abroad programs. West Chester University’s Strategic Plan, Building on Excellence, has made the objective to increase the international educational opportunities for students a top priority. To learn more about eligibility and application requirements, click the link above to visit the scholarship brochure and application page.

CIP Awards Deadlines

  • Winter/Spring semester/Spring Break programs: November 1st
  • Summer programs: March 1st
  • Fall/Academic Year programs: July 1st

WCU Global Rams Initiative Scholarship

WCU Global Rams Initiative Scholarship

West Chester University’s Center for International Programs (CIP), in collaboration with President Christopher Fiorentino, is proud to offer underrepresented minority students the opportunity to apply for the Global Rams Initiative Scholarship. Scholarships will be given to selected students participating in approved study abroad programs that have been granted the Global Rams Designation. To learn more and apply, visit the link above.

Scholarship Deadline

Click scholarship link to the left to view application deadlines.

PASSHE Foundation Scholarships

PSECU International Education Scholarship

PASSHE Foundation Scholarships Deadlines

  • May 15th (awarded once per year for the following year's programs)

WCU Foundation Scholarships

The James McErlane Scholarship for Study Abroad  supports students with evidence of high academic performance, demonstrated financial need, and academic purpose of studying abroad. 

Additional WCU Foundation scholarships can be found utilizing the WCU Scholarship Search website.

Affiliate Partner Scholarships

Nearly all of our study abroad partners offer their own scholarships and awards that can be applied for along with an application to one of their programs. Please visit the website of each provider for details.

External Scholarships

Financial Aid Overview

Financial aid, loans included, can cover any costs listed by the study abroad provider. Flights and visa costs, for example, could be included in borrowing eligibility for the semester of study abroad. Federal financial aid will not go up because of studying abroad. However, the ability to borrow will usually increase, which means students will be able to apply for additional loan money to cover any increased costs they may incur.

Federal Aid

  • Direct and PLUS loans
  • Education Loans through banks and lending agencies

Summer and Winter Programs

Aid may be available for summer and winter programs in addition to just the fall and spring semester,
contact Ms Kristy Slusser

Making Payments

The university cannot make payments for students. Financial aid will be forwarded to the address on file and students will have to arrange to pay the program provider.

Consortium Agreements

For purposes of the study abroad program at WCU, a consortium agreement is designed to ensure that only one school provides federal aid for a student and that a student does not receive more than his or her federal max (or cost of attendance) in total financial aid for the semester/year. Ms. Slusser will assist students with the completion of these agreements.

Types of financial aid

Students are eligible to receive the same types of financial aid that they are eligible to receive during a normal semester at WCU (Federal Work Study and some WCU scholarships excluded). In addition to the financial aid offer you receive from WCU, the following options are available:

Parent Plus Loan

For a study abroad semester, a parent may borrow a federal parent PLUS loan for any amount up to the cost of attendance minus any additional financial aid you are receiving.

For example, if a study abroad semester costs $10,000 and you are receiving $2,750 in Stafford loans, a parent may be able to borrow a $7,250 PLUS loan. Interest rates for PLUS loans are fixed.

If a parent is not approved for a PLUS loan, contact the study abroad representative in the financial aid office. You may be eligible for additional Stafford loan aid.

Private Education Loan

For study abroad semesters, students may borrow private education loans for any amount up to their cost of attendance minus any financial aid they are receiving.

For example, if a student's study abroad semester costs $10,000 and s/he is receiving $2,750 in Direct loans, s/he will be able to borrow $7,250 in a private education loan. Interest rates for private education loans are generally variable, meaning they can go up or down from year to year. NOTE: a cosigner is required for private education loans.

Tips for searching for private education loans

It is the recommendation of the financial aid office that students compare between several lenders when shopping for a private education loan. With each lender, they should ask the following questions and choose the lender that offers the best benefits:

  • What is the interest rate?
  • Is the interest rate variable or fixed (generally the rate will be variable)?
  • When will I have to start repaying the loan?
  • How long do I have to repay the loan?
  • How much will my payments be?
  • What if I can't repay the loan when the time comes?
  • Do I need a cosigner (generally you will need a cosigner)?
  • Are fees assessed on the loan?
  • Do you offer repayment benefits (i.e. interest rate reductions with auto drafts, interest rate reductions for graduation, interest rate reductions with payments made on time)
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