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From the Co-Chairs

Dr. Peter Loedel

Over the past three years in my role as Director of International Programs, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth and interest in international educational opportunities ranging from study abroad, faculty-led programs, international partnerships and collaborations (teaching and research), and international student outreach.  I strongly believe that West Chester University is poised on the precipice of further defining itself not just as a regional comprehensive university, but a truly global institution of higher education.  I envision the ACE International Laboratory process as an effort to develop a truly comprehensive WCU “Global Strategy”. I look forward to working with you and the campus community in this project. 

Dr. Vishal Shah

WCU’s mission of graduating students who understand the world in which they live requires us to provide an education to our students that will lead them to be true global citizens – Citizens who can interact purposefully with people from diverse places, appreciate diverse cultures and traditions and be able to contribute positively anywhere on the globe.  Ace International Laboratory Process will allow us to collectively develop a “Global Strategy” that ensures we are fulfilling our mission effectively.   In addition, the strategy that we develop will, hopefully, have a positive impact on the diversity on campus and the overall campus climate.  I look forward to working with all the members of our community on this project. 

West Chester University International Laboratory Goals

The Global Leadership Team will look to develop a set of concrete goals built around developing a strategic action plan and “WCU Global Strategy” to guide West Chester University for the future.  However, we will start with a guiding set of questions:

  • What is West Chester University’s current definition of comprehensive internationalization?  How is this definition different from our understanding of global initiatives?
  • What is the current state of the University’s international activities and global initiatives?
  • How do we assess those activities and initiatives?  How do we define, operationalize, and measure West Chester University’s international and global initiative goals?
  • What existing strategies and resources exist to promote and develop internationalization and global initiatives?
  • What future strategies and resources are needed to propel West Chester University’s internationalization and global initiatives to the next level?

CIGE Model for Comprehensive Itnernationalization - a strategic, coordinated process that seeks to align and integrate internatioanl policies, programs, and initiatives, and positions colleges and universities as more globally oriented and internationally connected.

Click on the image for a detailed set of guiding questions for the lab review!

About the American Council on Education’s International Laboratory

The Internationalization Laboratory of the American Council on Education (ACE) is an invitational learning community that assists participating institutions in developing goals and strategy for comprehensive internationalization.

Benefits to institutions that join the Internationalization Laboratory include:

  • The opportunity to participate in an international invitational learning community
  • Regular access to expert consultation
  • The opportunity to learn from the experiences of institutions with which ACE has worked on internationalization
  • A customized process to accelerate progress on internationalization and ensure concrete outcomes and deliverables that the institution chooses

Read more details about the ACE International Laboratory.

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