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The Center for International Programs central mission is to assist faculty with a number of important internationalization activities. Faculty should see the Center as a one-stop shop of resources, assistance, and guidance with international programs. The Center’s commitment is to provide outstanding support of a number of key international projects, including:

  • Faculty led Study Abroad Programming (Proposals and Budgeting)
  • Visiting Scholars
  • International Travel Authorization (Forms and Processes)
  • Institutional Partnerships and Agreements (Memorandum of Understandings, etc.)
  • Financial Assistance and Support
  • Assisting with international students in your programs
  • Enrollment and Admissions Outreach
  • Curriculum, Internships, and Program Development

All Faculty or Staff led study abroad programs

Credit/non-credit, sports, club, and music performances etc. that involve students traveling internationally must:

Visiting Scholar Programs and Services

The Center for International Programs (CIP) is pleased to encourage faculty, staff and administrators to participate in our Exchange Visitor Program by inviting scholars to apply to visit our campus for an extended period of time in order to engage in collaborative scholarly endeavors.  Visiting scholars provide opportunities for the university community to benefit from collaborative research opportunities and cross-cultural interactions.  Visiting scholars may deliver guest lectures, co-teach when appropriate, and make formal presentations.

The CIP is here to assist and answer your questions.  Typically, key issues and questions revolve around:

  • Funding to support a visiting scholar (typically, visiting scholars are supported by external funding agencies or governments and not by WCU).
  • Visa regulations (J-1 visa categories).
  • Office Space, Housing, and Logistical Support.
  • International graduate student research over the summer.

Please take a moment to carefully review the documents below and become familiar with the terminology and procedures.  We welcome your feedback and look forward to assisting you with the campus internationalization efforts.

Angela Howard, PDSO RO
Center for International Programs

Important Documents

Contact Angela Howard for more information.

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