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Information Services has incorporated Online Tutorials into its Faculty and Staff Training program. These tutorials were developed using Oracle's UPK training software. This software allows us to create better quality, and more visually appealing, forms of training for faculty, staff, and student applications.

What is UPK?

User Productivity Kit, also known as UPK, is training software that has the capability to create documentation, training and support materials. UPK will allow you to learn an application at your workstation, at your own pace and at a time that fits your schedule. Content is delivered in an assortment of learning modes:

  • See ItSee It: Watching
  • Try ItTry It: Learn interactively
  • Know ItKnow It: Assessment
  • Print ItPrint It: Job Aid / Business Process document

Benefits of UPK

By using these modes, you can see processes in a step-by-step manner. UPK will reduce the frequency of out-of-office training, eliminate wait time between classroom training, and support self-paced learning.

We are pleased to present content developed in UPK. Click the UPK Tutorials link on the left to view topics recorded for a specific application. UPK topics are continually being developed, so check back often!

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