October is
Cyber Security Awareness Month

Participate with WCU to make the internet a safer, more secure environment. This month is dedicated to educating the WCU community about cyber security and how WCU IS&T is Helping you stay safe online!

How Does WCU Protect you?

Duo Logo

Multi-Factor Authentication

As many of you have now experienced WCU rolled out Multi-Factor Authentication using Duo technology for many of the applications and services you use on campus. The primary goal for this is to protect your digital identity from being compromised even if your password is exposed to bad actors. Currently, 89-% of all faculty and staff have enrolled into Duo. Students will start the onboarding process this fall as well. 
Duo - West Chester University (wcupa.edu)

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User Awareness Training

West Chester has leveraged the resources of KnowBe4.COM to provide user awareness training for all employees. There is also other training being provided for specific areas of campus more focused for their practices and handling of data. Starting this month, Staff and Faculty will start to see enrollment invitations to KnowBe4.  
View this sample video on Phishing from KnowBe4

Mimecast Logo

Email Security Gateway

We have subscribed to a new email filtering service called MimeCast. This service sits between you and your WCU email account. Mimecast is designed to help protect your account from Unsolicited Email (Spam), Phishing Attempts and Malware. Last Month, 21% of inbound email was rejected by MimeCast. 66% was for email from known bad servers and 7% of those messages was for Spam.

Mimecast Monthly Stat Infograph

Phish Bowl

If you receive a suspicious email, visit The Phish Bowl and scan the list of recent phishing alerts.  If the email is posted, there's no need to report it. Simply delete the email and you're done.

Learn How To #BeCyberSmart

  • Sessions available through the FAST Training Website
  • LinkedIn Learning Content
  • Search social media for #BeCyberSmart, #CyberSecurity, for the online conversations

Test Your Awareness

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