Wireless Troubleshooting


If you’re unable to access the internet, the first troubleshooting step we recommend is to forget the network and try connecting back to RamNet.

This will usually resolve a connection issue, especially if you just changed your WCU password. Re-booting your laptop/phone is also recommended. If you still are unable to connect to the network feel free to contact our office for support.

How to forget the network on Apple products

How to forget the network on Windows products



This network is primarily used to connect devices other than computers, tablets and mobile phones.

In addition, guests who are visiting our campus are able to create a 24-hour guest account to access the network, RamNet-Guest.

Connect to the RamNet-Guest network and open a web browser, which should automatically redirect the user to our website. Click the link to register for an account and enter the required information to create the account.

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