Software Downloads for Students

***Microsoft Office 365***

This is offered as a free download for all current WCU students.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 2015.008.20082

Many web pages require a PDF reader helper application with your browser. Download this if you are told that you don't have a PDF reader.

Chrome Web Browser

Chrome is Google's popular browser.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware

This is another anti-spyware program that monitors what tracking components are being installed on your machine. This is only good for spyware and is not an anti-virus program that you would need to install in addition to this.

Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 and Thunderbird Mail

This is another popular browser and is often used when Internet Explorer has trouble with a particular page, such as the myWCU web page. It is a Mozilla based browser and has its own email client.

Sophos for Macs

Sophos is an antivirus program free for Mac users.

Spybot Search & Destroy

This will scan and clean viruses and spyware from your machine. Since this is more anti-spyware than anti-virus, you can run this with an anti-virus program.

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