Smart Devices

All entertainment devices and smart devices excluding smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops should connect to RamNet-Guest. This includes game consoles, streaming devices, and smart TVs.

Once connected, your device should be able to get on the internet, no other configuration is needed.

  • If your smart device can’t access the internet or is asking you to sign into the network in order to connect, unplug the device from all power sources for at least a minute and try reconnecting to RamNet-Guest.
  • If the smart device still isn’t able to connect to RamNet-Guest, go to the Network Settings and write down the WIRELESS MAC ADDRESS and IP ADDRESS (if available) and submit a Service Request.
  • You may call our office during office hours and provide those two pieces the information and a ticket will be opened.


RamNet-Guest can only support devices that have a dedicated remote! Devices that do not have a dedicated remote (or are controlled via smart phone) cannot be supported on the network. (ex: Amazon Echo, Chromecasts).

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