Frequently Asked Questions

What does ResNet Central do?

ResNet Central is the student support Helpdesk. We provide technical support to all students resident and commuters. Our primary support includes, account, software, and network support.

What computer should I purchase, Mac or PC?

West Chester University does not require a particular type of computer. However, some models maybe better suited to certain majors. Mac or PC is a personal preference. WCU supports both,however check with your academic department for recommendations.

What is the name of WCU wireless network?

The name of the wireless network is RamNet.  Use your West Chester email address and password to connect you computer, phone or tablet to RamNet.  If you have trouble connecting to RamNet, RamNet-Guest provides assistance that can help you connect properly. Disconnect from RamNet and connect to RamNet-Guest, and use the RamNet connectivity tool to configure your device to connect to RamNet. Additionally, connect entertainment devices, (game consoles, network TVs, Roku, etc..)  to RamNet-Guest.

When I can’t access the internet wirelessly with my computer or mobile device and have to use my own data plan, do I get compensated?

No. The purpose of RamNet is to provide access to resources on the West Chester Network. While that also allows a student to connect to other sites, this is not guaranteed and is only a bonus. If you can access wcupa.edu services wirelessly but not other sites then RamNet is providing everything it is intended to provide. If for some reason wireless access is temporarily unavailable, there are computer labs available for you to use while wireless is unavailable.

Does the network support wireless printing?

Currently we do not support wireless printing. If you want t print to a personal wireless printer, you will have to connect via USB

Can I use a router in my resident hall?

All resident halls are wireless. Wireless routers are not allowed or supported in our wireless resident facilities.

Does the university provide any free software?

There are links to useful software on our Resource Links. Additionally, Microsoft Office 365 is available as a free download for West Chester students.

What will happen to my WCU email account after I graduate?

One semester after your graduation or at the time you left the university, your WCU email account will be purged. Please use the time that you have before the purge to copy, forward or transfer any email, attachments to a third party email account such as Google or Yahoo mail. Once your email account is purged the mailbox will be deleted along with the data.
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