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Information Services & Technology


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Information Services & Technology

Peoples Building 34
690 S. Church Street
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-3350

Organizational Chart

Organization Charts

WCU Info Services & Technology Division

  • Dr. Dikran (Deke) Kassabian, Vice President and CIO
    • Chaw-Ye Chang, Assistant Director of Strategic Sourcing, Projects & Planning
      • Tiffany Marsilio, Project/Relationship Manager
      • (Vacant), Project/Relationship Manager
    • Frank Piscitello, Information Security Officer
      • Justin Beyer, Information Security Analyst
    • Donna Becket, Executive Associate & Budget Manager
      • Rose-Marie Turbessi, Admin. Assist. II
      • Camille Sharpler, Admin. Assist. I
      • Pat Brander, Admin. Assist. I
      • Michelle Hamel, Management Technician
      • Paulette Rowe, Clerk Typist II

EdTech & User Services

  • JT Singh, Deputy CIO & Executive Director
    • Teresa Hudson, Assistant Director
      • William McGrory, Tech Fee Support
      • Michael Kalinowski, Tech Fee Support
      • (Vacant), Tech Fee Support
      • Jeffery Hoffman, BPMC Technical Manager
      • Theresa Friedman, Technical Lead
        • Dave Cahaley, IT Tech.
        • Terrence Cahill, IT Tech.
        • Peter Unger, IT Tech.
    • Yuki Yamamoto, Coord. Multimedia Services
      • Steve Duckinfield, Multimedia Tech.
      • Phil Riley, Multimedia Tech.
      • Justin Pritchard, Multimedia Tech.
      • El Walton, Digital Media Center
      • Joe Watts, Electronic Tech.
      • Ben Miller, Electronic Tech.
      • Jerome Ambrose, Electronic Tech. Temporary
    • Paul Gargiulo, Assistant Director
      • Lauren Keefe, LMS Administrator
        • LaTisha Griffin, LMS Support Specialist
        • (Vacant), LMS Support Specialist
      • Bonnie Young, Tech Training Spec.
      • Theresa Boppell, Educational Technologist
      • Michael Jordan, Lead Help Desk Manager
        • (Vacant), Help Desk Manager
        • Mike Ogoe, Help Desk Analyst
        • Richard Falkowski, PC Replacement Tech. - Temp
        • (Vacant), PC Replacement Tech. - Temp

Distance Education Services

  • Rui Li, Senior Director
    • Marc Drumm, Instructional Designer
    • Tom Pantazes, Instructional Designer
    • Amber Grove, Instructional Designer
    • Jessica Drass, Online Support Specialist
    • Lauren Campbell, Online Support Specialist

Enterprise Services

  • Kim Slattery, Senior Director
    • Daniel Swift, Senior Web Specialist
      • Kristin Williams, Web Content Writer and Designer
      • Eric Stettner, Web Specialist
      • Casey Rogers, Web Specialist
      • Juli Szonntag, IT Specialist
    • Mary Lynn Haley, Systems Program Manager
      • (Vacant), Syst. Analyst
      • (Vacant), Syst. Analyst
    • Maureen Seybert, Sr. Syst. Analyst
    • Danielle Zimmerman, Sr. Project Lead
      • Theresa Dempsey, Sr. Syst. Analyst
      • Damian Owen, Syst. Analyst
      • (Vacant), Syst. Analyst
      • Jill Marron, Technical Generalist
    • Pat Lenzi, Enterprise Architect
      • Bill Bi, DBA Administrator
      • Kathy Bolton, Sr. Syst. Analyst
      • Barbara Dyroff, Syst. Analyst
      • Mark Bacastow, Syst. Analyst
      • Elaine Schneider, Syst. Analyst
      • (Vacant), Syst. Analyst

IT Infrastructure

  • Joseph Sincavage, Senior Director
    • Richard Chan, Assistant Director
      • Rashed Kabir, Systems Engineering Manager
        • Elisabeth (Lisa) Disney, Systems Admin.
        • (Vacant), Systems Admin.
      • Richard Jackson, Resnet Mgr.
        • Maria Aquino, Resnet Tech.
        • (Vacant), Resnet Tech.
    • John Huk, Telecomm. Mgr.
      • Sandi Unger, Telecomm. Coordinator
      • John Nelson, Elec. Network Specialist
      • Phillip Toscano, Elec. Network Specialist
    • Kevin Partridge, Network Manager
      • Shaun Spence, Sr. Network Engineer
      • Dan Brader, NetTel Specialist II (Network Operator)
      • Scott Martin, Elec. Network Specialist
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