View GradeMark® Feedback

Grademark is a feature of Turnitin. Follow these steps to view your instructor's feedback.

  1. Click Assessments in the navigation bar and select Assignments. 
  2. Locate the Name of the Assignment folder you want to access. If feedback has  been provided it will be available under Evaluation Status.
  3. Click on the status (e.g. Unread).
    Showes feedback status as Unread
  4. Click on View Turnitin GradeMark® in the Inline Feedback column. This will open Turnitin in a new tab.
    Click on View Turnitin GradeMark

Below is an example of instructor feedback in GradeMark®. Instructors are able to deliver feeback using text, Quickmarks, rubrics and they can leave overall audio or text comments.
Example of instructor feedback in GradeMark

Note: If you do not see a Feedback Status, the instructor has not published feedback yet.

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