View Assignment Submissions

View Submission to an Assignment Folder

From the Assignment folders page, you can view your score, number of submissions that you have made for each assignment folder, feedback from your instructor and the due date (if applicable) for the assignment.

  1. Click Assessments in the navigation bar and select Assignments.
  2. Locate the Name of the Assignment folder you want to access.

    A screenshot of the student Assignments area in D2L. There is a 3 over the Completion Status and a 4 over the Evaluation Status column.

  3. Click on the number in the Completion Status column. This column contains both the number of submissions and the number of files submitted.
  4. If your professor has evaluated the submission and left feedback, you can click in the Evaluation Status column to see the feedback on your assignment.

Note: Students are unable to delete assignment submissions. Contact your professor to have an assignment submission deleted from the folder.

Demonstration Video

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