Upload Media to Kaltura

  1. Log into D2L: http://d2l.wcupa.edu
  2. Click on University Resources and select Manage Media.
  3. Click on Add New and select Media Upload.
    Media Upload
  4. Click Choose a file to upload.
  5. Search for your media, select the file and click Open.
    D2L Screenshot
  6. Enter Name, Description (optional) and Tags* regarding the media file.
    Tags (comma separated) can include your last name, semester and course/section. (e.g Griffin, Fall 2018, ASL110-01, ASL1)
    *keyword or term assigned to an entry to help describe it and allow it to be found again through a search
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the WCU logo to return to the D2L homepage.

Demonstration Video:

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