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ePortfolio Basics

Accessing ePortfolio

From your D2L home page, select ePortfolio from the University Resources dropdown menu.

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Understanding ePortfolio Technology

Artifacts: Artifacts are the building blocks of everything that you can do in ePortfolio. They include items such as files, documents, audio/visual items, reflections or web links for inclusion in your ePortfolio.

Reflections: Use reflections to discuss items in your ePortfolio, record your thoughts on topics that interest you, set goals, and think critically about your learning.

Presentations: Presentations let you compile ePortfolio artifacts and reflections into an easy to view web project. Presentations provide a polished, professional medium to demonstrate your learning and accomplishments.

Collections: Collections are groups of artifacts, reflections and presentations. For example, you might want to include all of your work from a particular class or subject area in a collection. An item can belong to multiple collections at the same time.

Tags: Tags are used to categorize artifacts, collections and presentations so that it is easier to search for specific items. It is important to identify items with tags because there is no folder system in ePortfolio to organize artifacts

General Steps for Creating an ePortfolio Presentation

  1. Add Artifacts to ePortfolio
  2. Build Collections (optional)
  3. Create a Presentation
  4. Edit and Customize the Presentation
  5. Share your Presentation

Demonstration Video


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