Editing and Customizing Presentations

Editing Display Options

  1. From the ePortfolio dashboard, click the dropdown menu next to your Presentation and click Edit.
    D2L Screenshot
  2. On the Content/Layout tab, select Open from the dropdown menu of a page that contains the items you would like to edit.
    D2L Screenshot
  3. Click Edit Display Options.
    D2L Screenshot
  4. Change the Title or Description of the item, if desired.
    Note: This will only change the title or description within the presentation.
  5. Choose whether you want the artifact to display in-place or as a link (if applicable).
    Note: You can display the following file types in-place: HTML, BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG.
  6. Choose whether you want to auto-fit the artifact to the content area it displays in, or maintain its original size (if applicable).
  7. Select which reflections associated with the artifact to display in the presentation (if applicable).
  8. Select the appropriate options related to displaying comments and assessments.
    Note: The Comments enabled check box on the Edit Display options page corresponds to the Comments Enabled check box that appears on the Content/Layout tab. Selecting one enables the other and vice versa.
  9. Click Save.

Modifying Presentation Layouts

While editing your Presentation, access the Content/Layout tab to rearrange content and pages or change where the navigation area appears on presentation pages.

D2L Screenshot
  1. Edit Presentation Navigation: Sets where the page navigation appears. This is a presentation-level setting; you cannot select a different navigation position per presentation page.
    D2L Screenshot
  2. Edit Page Layout: This setting allows you to choose between having one or two content areas. You can still have multiple pages in your Presentation, with each page containing one or two content areas. This is a page-level setting and each page in your presentation can have different page layouts.
    D2L Screenshot

Reordering Pages and Items


From the page you would like to reorder items, use the green up or down arrows to move your items.

D2L Screenshot


  1. Click the arrow icon near the top of the Pages area.
    D2L Screenshot
  2. On the following page, use the dropdown menus in the SortOrder column to reorder your pages.
  3. Click Save.
    D2L Screenshot

Changing Presentation Themes

Themes are default style templates that give your presentations a consistent look and feel. Themes are comprised of styles which control one aspect of the design. For example, there are separate styles that control the look of titles, links, dates, and images.

D2L provides many presentation themes, but you may change some or all aspects of a theme.

Choose a Theme

  1. On the Edit Presentation page, click the Theme tab.
    D2L Screenshot
  2. Click the Select button underneath the theme you want to apply to your presentation.
    D2L Screenshot

Modify a Theme

  1. Click the Edit styles icon beside your current theme.
    D2L Screenshot
  2. Select the page element you want to modify.
    Tip: Use the Filter drop-down list to view specific groupings of elements.
    D2L Screenshot
  3. Use the options that appear under the Preview area to edit the style.
  4. Repeat for remaining elements.
  5. Click Save.

Setting Benner Text

A banner appears at the top of every page in a presentation. You can include additional text in the banner as a description.

  1. On the Edit Presentation page, click on the Banner tab to enter a banner title and description.
  2. Enter your Banner Title. If you leave this field blank, no text will appear in the banner area.
  3. Optionally, add a Banner Description.
  4. Click Save.
    D2L Screenshot

Note: The theme of the presentation controls the style of the banner, including the background and fonts used. Use the Theme tab to modify banner and presentation styles.

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