Personal Meeting IDs

Each Zoom user has their own room with a personal meeting ID (PMI) and a personal meeting link that can be customized. You can use this room for regularly-scheduled Zoom meetings or instant meetings. It's automatically included with your Zoom account - there's nothing you have to do to enable it!

Difference Between Your Personal Meeting ID and a Regular Zoom Meeting

A personal meeting ID differs from a regular Zoom meeting in a few key ways:

  • Has a customizable meeting ID number (the nine or ten digit unique identifier for each Zoom meeting) that always stays the same unless you change it
  • Has a customizable meeting link 
  • Always available whenever you need it, even when you have no other meetings scheduled
  • Passwords are not required for PMIs if the Join Before Host option is left unchecked in the default settings. That is, if the Join Before Host option is checked, then your PMI must have a password.
  • Perfect for quick 1:1 meetings with colleagues or students

This differs from regular Zoom meetings which:

  • Have automatically generated links and ID numbers that cannot be adjusted
  • Must be manually scheduled
  • Require automatically generated or customized passwords
  • Perfect for synchronous or asynchronous courses and office hours

Best Practices for Using Personal Meeting IDs

Here are some tips and tricks for using your PMI:

  • For convenience, change your meeting ID and your meeting link into something you remember. For instance, you can set your meeting ID to be your office phone number and your meeting link to include the first part of your email.
  • Don't use your PMI for class sessions, and be cautious if you use it for office hours. This mitigates the risk of an uninvited person entering into a meeting that uses your PMI. 
  • If someone intrudes on your PMI while you're using it, change your meeting ID and link (and password if your PMI uses one) for added security.


How do I customize my Personal Meeting ID and/or my Personal Meeting link?

Customizing your PMI and/or your personal meeting link is done on your Zoom profile. This article covers:

  • More information on your PMI
  • Customizing your PMI
  • More information on your personal link
  • Customizing your personal link
  • Editing your personal meeting settings

How do I create a meeting with my Personal Meeting ID?

To schedule a meeting using PMI, refer to this article for instructions on scheduling a meeting. When you are in the meeting settings, select Personal Meeting ID by the Meeting ID section.

A red box surrounds the Use Personal Meeting ID radial button when scheduling a Zoom meeting.

How do I add a waiting room to my Personal Meeting ID?

You can find information on adding a waiting room to your PMI here.

Should I use my Personal Meeting ID for class sessions?

We recommend scheduling a recurring meeting for synchronous and asynchronous class sessions. Scheduling a recurring meeting keeps the same information including meeting ID, call-in information, password, and more. Personal meeting rooms are better for 1:1 meetings or office hours.

Do I have to use a password with my Personal Meeting ID?

You are not required to use a password with your PMI IF you have the Join Before Host setting unchecked in your default Personal Meeting Room settings.

This shows the "Enable join before host" box as unchecked in the Personal Meeting Room settings in Zoom.

Note: if you do not use a password, it is recommended to use the waiting room feature. To enable the waiting room, follow the instructions on this page.

How can I edit the password for my PMI?

Editing your password for your PMI is done through the Personal Meeting Room settings in your online Zoom account. You can find more information in this article.


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