Getting Started with Zoom

Getting Started

Before you can host a meeting with Zoom, you must install the Zoom Desktop Client software for your computer/device.  Start by going to then click Download Client

D2L Zoom Screenshot

Signing into the Desktop Client:

  1. Click Sign In with SSO
    Zoom SSO Sign-In
  2. Enter WCUPA when prompted for the company domain.
  3. Enter in your WCU User Name and password on the login screen.

You now have the Zoom client for Meetings installed!

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Desktop Client

  1. Click Schedule button on the Zoom App.
  2. Input details for the meeting and click “Save”.
  3. You can then copy the URL or Invitation to send to your audience.

D2L Zoom Screenshot

D2L Zoom Screenshot

Meeting Controls


When starting/joining a meeting, you can join the audio by phone or computer. 

  • Choose “Join Audio by Computer” to connect your computers mic and speakers to the Zoom Meeting.
  • Choose “Phone Call” and dial the number provided.
  • Clicking on the Mic icon will let you mute and unmute your audio once connected


Access Video settings before or during a meeting by clicking on the “Settings” icon on your Zoom Desktop Application.  On the Video tab you can preview and change you camera source via the down arrow

Clicking on the Video icon will let you start and stop your video feed

Share Screen

  1. Click Share Screen.
  2. Choose to share your; desktop, specific application, whiteboard, camera feed.
  3. All participants in your meeting can share their screen.


  1. Click “Chat” to start an in-meeting message with participants in the meeting.
  2. The dropdown on the chat window will allow you to message Everyone, or a specific participant.


As a host you can record the meeting to either the Zoom cloud or your local machine. 

  1. Click on the “Record” icon in the toolbar.
  2. Choose to record to the Cloud or Local machine.
  3. Recording will process once the meeting ends.

Before the Meeting:

    • Test your Audio and Video.
    • Have the content you intend to share prepared ahead of time.

Hosting a Meeting:

    • Mute your mic if others are presenting/speaking.
    • Use “Gallery View” for smaller group/team meetings.
    • Share your screen.
  • Share specific Applications to control displayed content.
  • Use “New Share” to seamlessly transition between shared applications.
    • Use the Annotation tools to grab and direct attention.

Here are some great resources from our Knowledge Base to take a deeper dive into using Zoom.

If you require technical assistance, please call us at 888-799-9666 (option 2) or if the matter is less urgent, fill out a Support Request here:

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