Allowing Special Access to a Quiz



Students who receive an accommodation, or have an excused absence, may need additional time to complete a quiz and/or may need to complete the quiz on a date different from the rest of the class. Special access allows you to change the quiz restrictions for specific students to accomplish this.

Add Users to Special Access

1. From the Edit Quiz screen, click on the Restrictions tab and select either:

  • Allow selected users special access to this quiz – most common option; this gives anyone you add to special access their specific settings and the remainder of the class has the original date/time settings
  • Allow only users with special access to see this quiz ­– ONLY students you had to this list option will see the quiz. The remainder of the class will not see the quiz.


2. Click Add Users to Special Access

3. Provide an alternate start, due, and end date if needed. By default, these dates will remain the same as the main quiz dates.


4. Under Timing, you may change the time limit, grace period, and exceeded time limit behavior, or keep the same timing settings as the main quiz settings:

  • If no changes need to be made, select the No changes. The special access quiz will use the same time limit settings as the main quiz.

  • Recommended Time Limit will provide a suggested time to the student but allow them to take an unlimited amount of time to complete the quiz.

  • Select Enforced time limit if you need to provide alternate time limits for the student(s) granted special access. Be sure to check the boxes next to Assign an alternative grace period and Assign an alternative behavior for exceeding the time limit if you would like to change these settings.


5. If you need to allow additional attempts on the quiz for this user, under Attempts, select Override attempts allowed and choose the number of attempts you would like to allow. Be sure to click Apply after selecting the number of attempts allowed.


6. Under Users, select the student(s) to which you are applying these special access settings.

7. Click Add Special Access.


8. Back on the quiz’s main Restrictions tab, you will see the student(s) added to the Special Access list.


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