Setting Up Grades

It is a best practice to set up your grade book before you begin adding categories and items to your gradebook. The Setup Wizard will appear the first time you enter the Grades tool.

  1. Click Assessments in the navigation bar and select
  2. The Setup Wizard should appear, if it does not, click on Setup Wizard.
  3. Click the blue Start button to begin.

Step 1 of 7: Choose Grading System

  • Weighted – This system is used when grade items and categories are worth a percentage of the overall grade.
  • Points – This system is used when you want the maximum points assigned to each grade item are totaled for the final grade.
  • Formula – This system is used less frequently. The formula system is based on the points system but allows you to set conditions to determine the final grade.

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Step 2 of 7: Final Grade Released

The final grade can also serve as a cumulative grade if released during the semester.

  • Calculated Final Grade – The final grade is calculated based on the grades in the grade book and cannot be adjusted. This is recommended if you plan to release the final grade during the semester.
  • Adjusted Final Grade – The final grade will be manually entered and it can be adjusted before the grade is released.
  • Automatically release final grade – If checked, the final grade, or cumulative grade will be released to students automatically. Final grades can also be released manually at a later time.

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Step 3 of 7: Grade Calculations

  • Drop ungraded items – Items that do not have a grade imputed are not counted in the current final grade calculation. You must assign a 0 for grade items where the student did not complete the assessment or activity. (recommended)
  • Treat ungraded items as zero- Items that do not have a grade inputted are given a grade of 0 in the current final grade calculation.
  • Auto update – Keep this checked to have the final grade update automatically when a grade is entered or updated. (recommended)

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Step 4 of 7: Choose Default Grade Scheme

  • Percentage – Scores are automatically converted to a percentage.
  • West Chester University Official Grading Scheme – Scores are automatically converted into a letter grade based on the university’s official grade scheme.

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Step 5 of 7: Managing View Display Options

  • Enter the number of decimals to be displayed for the instructor’s view. We recommend using 0, 1 or 2.

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Step 6 of 7: Student View Display Options

  • Set the display options for the student view.
  • Final Grade Calculation: Check if you would like students to view how the final grade was calculated.

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Step 7 of 7: Grades Setup Summary

  • Review the Grades Setup Summary. Click Finish and the settings will be assigned to the gradebook.

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Demonstration Video

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