Create a Submission View

Submission Views determine what students see when viewing a completed quiz.  By default, the Submission View shows only the quiz score.  However, you can create additional Submission Views that allow students to see additional information, such as questions they answered incorrectly, the correct answers, statistics  or question feedback. It is recommended to create an additional view rather than editing the default view.

  1. Click Assessments in the navigation bar and select Quizzes.
  2. Click on the Quiz you are editing.
  3. Click on the Submission Views Tab near the top of the page.
  4. Click on Add Additional View.
    Submission Views tab screen
  5. Enter a Name for the submission view. (Note: The name is not displayed to students.)
  6. Enter a Message that will appear within the submission view (*Optional)
    Enter Name and Message
  7. Enter a Date and Time when the submission view will become available for students. For example, set it to become available after the quiz ends.
  8. Select IP Restriction only if this option was also set in the Restrictions tab. When selected, users can only access the Submission View from a computer IP addresses in the specified IP address ranges configured.
  9. Select Limit the amount of time (in minutes) for which this view is available after the quiz is submitted if you would to limit how long the submission view is available after the quiz is submitted.
    Limit time duration checkbox
    Note: Selecting this option lets students see their results as soon as they submit their quiz. If a future date is set in step 7, do not set a limited duration.
  10. You can customize and display questions, responses, answers, scores, and statistics to students in the submission view using the options listed in the View Details section.
    Show question options
  11. Click on Save.
  12. Click on Save and Close.
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