Course Overview Widget

The Course Overview widget is a dashboard on your course homepage that allows you to see some data about course access and engagement.

The widget displays high-level aggregate information about the course and links to course-specific reports. For example, the widget can display a visualization of weekly course access (the Course Access report as a bar chart) and how many learners submitted quizzes today. In addition, the widget includes links to the Class Engagement tool, and Course Access and Tool Access reports.


The Course Overview widget can be found on your course's homepage on the right-hand side, directly below the Technical Support widget.

Note, if you have created a seperate custom homepage, the Course Overview widget will not be there by default and you will need to add it to your custom homepage.

At the top of the widget, there is a graph showing the number of visits (by any user) in the past week. Just below the graph, there will be text indicating the number of visits to the course today (if any) and the number of quiz submissions (if any). Below this text (and the horizontal line) are three links to even more information:

  • Class Engagement: Use the Class Engagement Dashboard to understand learner engagement and activity.
  • Course Access: Course Access Report shows how often learners are accessing a course.
  • Tool Access: Tool Access Report provides a closer look at the tools being used in a course.

Course Overview Widget

Class Engagement

Clicking on the "Class Engagement" link will navigate to a new page showing the Class Engagement report:

Class Engagement report

  1. At the top left will be a text box with information about the number of students that have not visited the course in the past 7 days. Clicking on this text will filter the student names down to those that have not visited. This will allow you to see who those students are and, by clicking the check box at the top of the table (to the left of the "Name" label), you may send an email to those selected students.
  2. To the right of the textual visit information is a bar chart of the students' current grade distribution. (If your gradebook treats ungraded items as zeroes, the distribution may be skewed to lower grades.) Clicking on any given bar, you can filter to that group of students and, as instructed above, send an email to those students.
  3. The table of student names also shows the total number of discussion postings that each student has made in the course. This will include all discussion boards whether or not they are graded.

Course Access

Clicking on the "Course Access" link will navigate to the Course Access report:

Course Access report

  1. At the top of the report are buttons to export the report in either a Microsoft Excel format or a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.
  2. By default, the report displays the data for the past 7 days for all user roles in the system. Use the filter options on the right side of the screen to filter for different start and end dates or to see various user roles.
  3. The graph below the bar chart shows access events from the start date of the course through the end date.
  4. The text below the charts/graphs will list the number of 'access events' for the time frame shown in the bar chart. An access event is a user accessing the course's home page.

Tool Access

Clicking on the "Tool Access" link will navigate to the Tool Access report:

Tool Access report

  1. The pie chart shown on the Tool Access report shows the percentage of overall use for that tool in the timeframe selected. The table below the pie chart shows both the percentages and the actual count of views for that tool.
  2. Use the buttons at the top of the page to export the report data to either a Microsoft Excel format or to a .csv (comma separated values) format.
  3. Use the drop down menu to select the time frame that you want to view
  4. Uncheck any roles you will to exclude from the report (or check them to include that data)
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