Kaltura Personal Capture

Kaltura Capture is a personal recording solution for your Mac or PC that is integrated with My Media (Kaltura) and D2L. It allows you to record multiple inputs, such as your computer's screen, webcam, and microphone. Once it is installed, your are only one click away from recording your next course introduction or lecture video.

Some additional features include:

  • Automatic PowerPointslide detection when recording your screen with the PowerPoint in presentation mode, chaptering and recommended tags
  • Viewers can navigate within the interactive video player to desired content, search through slide text, switch between video streams, and view picture in picture
  • Content creation can be done offline, on the go, for future upload
  • Support on both Windows and Mac



 1. From your D2L home page, click the University Resources menu and select Manage Media

Manage Media link in University Resources menu of D2L

2. After clicking the Add New button, select Kaltura Capture

The add new button after accessing My Media

3. On the following page, click the download link for either Windows or Mac to download and install Kaltura Capture.

The Kaltura Capture launch and download page


Video: How to Set and Create a Presentation Recording

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