Kaltura Closed Captioning

All videos added to your My Meda (Kaltura) now have automatic, machine-generated closed captions. These captions are editable within My Media. The machine-generated captions are intended to be a base for creating accurate captions with the editor and also to enable users the ability to search and interact with transcript while watching a video.

Edit Captions

  1. Log into D2L.
  2. Click the University Resources menu and select Manage Media.
    Manage Media link under University Resources menu in D2L
  3. Click the edit icon to access the editing features for your video.
    Edit icon
  4. Select the Captions tab.
  5. Click Edit Captions.
    Captions tab and Edit Captions button
  6. The following page is the caption editor. Edit your captions by clicking into the appropriate text field in the center of the page.
  7. To edit the timestamp of each line, click the desired timestamp to modify the time. The editor will highlight any overlapping time.
  8. You can also find and replace text:
    • Enter your search term in the "Search in Captions" field
    • Enter in the text you'd like to replace it with in the "Replace with"  field
    • click the Replace button
  9. Click Save when you are done making edits to your captions
    Closed Captions Editor
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