Kaltura Capture Recording

  1. Navigate to Manage Media in D2L.  This can be found on the D2L homepage under the University Resources menu.
    Manage Media under Univsersity Resources menu in D2L
  2. Click Add New and select Kaltura Capture
    add new button in manage media
  3. Kaltura Capture will launch on your computer if you have it installed already.  If not view the steps for downloading the software.
    kaltura loading image
  4. Launch PowerPoint or the other website/media you want to record on your computer.  Be sure to prepare your screen the way you want it before recording.
  5. Click the red Record button on the Kaltura Capture control panel.  You will see a short countdown begin.
    record button
  6. The recording is now in progress and you may begin your walk through or presentation.
  7. To stop recording and publish your video, view the Kaltura Capture: Publishing tutorial.


For further tutorials and documentation on recording with Kaltura Capture, reivew the videos and documentation on our main Kaltura Capture page.

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