My Media is a video streaming service (Kaltura), used by West Chester University to upload and manage media files for use in a D2L course. The latest version of My Media moves away from Flash based technology, utilizing HTML5 for a more robust and streamlined experience for our users.

My Media provides:

  • Standard playback of various file types, devices, operating systems, browsers
  • Secure repository accessible to West Chester University Faculty & Students
  • Ability to record and edit screen casts of your screen, webcam, and microphone using Kaltura Personal Capture
  • Media can be inserted to many areas of D2L such as Announcements, Content, Feedback, Assignment descriptions, Quizzes/Surveys, or Discussions

My Media (Kaltura) Tutorials


What happened to the webcam recording feature?

In the past, when accessing My Media from the Insert Stuff button in the D2L HTML editor, users had the ability to record themselves here using their webcams.  With web technology moving away from Flash towards more modern HTML5, this feature was removed by Kaltura but replaced with the more robust and user friendly Kaltura Capture.


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