Inclusive Access

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access (IA) is a collaboration between Professors, WCU Campus Store, and the publisher of your materials. This was created to provide students with the least expensive way to purchase their course materials, combined with the convenience of charging the materials to their myWCU account. The course materials are delivered directly to students in a digital format through D2L. There is no need for students to purchase a textbook.

Do all Publishers use Inclusive Access?

Most of the major publishing companies have materials available through Inclusive Access. Please contact Dave Urbany or your publisher representative for more details. More publishers are joining IA as the program grows nationwide. If you title is not yet available on IA, it may soon be.

  • Expand for information on current publishers available on Inclusive Access for Spring 2020
    Publishers on IA Spring 2020 Ebook (VitalSource) Courseware D2L Integration with Publisher Full D2L Integration with IA
    BVT X   X  
    Cengage X X X  
    Cognella X   X  
    Elsevier X   X  
    F.A. Davis X X X  
    Health Administration Press X   X  
     Jones & Bartlett X   X  
     MacMillan  X  X X  
     McGraw-Hill  X  X  X  
    Norton X X X  
    Oxford X   X  
    Pearson X X X X
    Sage X   X  
    Taylor & Francis X   X  
    Wiley X X X  

When do I need to finalize my decision for Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access (IA) is a fairly detailed process, which requires some lead time to set up properly. If you would like to use IA, the deadlines for the Campus Store are as follows:

Fall – November 15th

Spring – May 31st

Summer – April 15th

Winter – October 15th

Are there any analytics available for Inclusive Access?

  • There is an Instructor Dashboard tool in VitalSource that allows instructors to see engagement data for their students when it comes to how they are (or aren’t using their eBook)
  • Instructors are able to see how much of a book a student is reading, how long they are reading (down to a particular section), and over all how they are using the book (are the taking notes, making highlights, etc.)
  • The goal of this tool is allow instructors to have as much data as possible so they can hopefully identify any students who may be at risk early enough so that they can correct things.
  • Learn more about the Instructor Dashboard.


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