Access Zoom from D2L

Zoom is now available to all university faculty for web conferencing and synchronous sessions.

Zoom can be accessed by navigating to West Chester University’s Zoom website as well as from within D2L.

Access Zoom within D2L

  1. Login to D2L.
  2. On the D2L Homepage, click on University Resources and select Zoom.
    ScreenShot of D2L
  3. Login using your email address and password.
    ScreenShot of D2L

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

  1. Once logged into Zoom, click on Meetings in the left navigation menu.
    ScreenShot of D2L
  2. Click on Schedule a New Meeting.
  3. Enter a name for the room in the Topic field (e.g. Professor Ram Office Hours, 2018 Fall WTR100-20).
    ScreenShot of D2L
  4. Enter a description (optional).
  5. Enter a start date and time in the When field.
  6. Enter a duration. Even though you give a duration you could reuse the same link past the duration (e.g. office hours every Monday and Wednesday could utilize one meeting link all semester).
  7. Enter the optional settings as necessary.
  8. Enter the email address of alternative hosts (optional). Alternative Hosts can be added to allow others to also host in this meeting room.
    ScreenShot of D2L
  9. Click Save.
  10. Share the URL with your class by posting the link in a D2L course.
    1. Post anywhere in D2L! (e.g. Announcement, Activity Feed, Email, Discussion, or within Content.)
    2. Example Zoom Link (e.g. Join URL:
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