Getting Started in D2L

You have to start somewhere. In this section we will cover basic D2L functionality to get your D2L course up and running. We will cover posting announcements, uploading content including your syllabus, communicating with the students and activating your course. 

D2L Fundamentals FAQ

Why can't my students see my course?

All courses are set as “inactive” upon creation. Students cannot access a course until it is set to active by Faculty.

How do I update my syllabus after I upload it?

After you have resaved your syllabus file,

1. Click on Content in the navigation bar.

2. Click on the module where the syllabus is housed.

3. Find the syllabus and click on the dropdown menu to the right of the topic, select Change File.

4. Upload your new syllabus file.

Why are only some of my students receiving my emails through D2L?

It is possible, your classlist spans over multiple pages and only the first page was selected when sending the email. The most efficient way to email your entire class is to use the Email Classlist button in the Classlist.

Is there a way to upload content but make it hidden until I cover it in class?

Modules and Topics can be set to Draft status. In draft status, students will be unable to view the content. Review how to change content status.
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